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Friday, 22 November 2013 12:36

Here at DR Roofing we are happy to offer our roofing services throughout St Helens and Prescott as we are the leading roofing experts in the area when it comes to new roof installs and roof repairs. We have been in the roofing trade for over 30 years and in that time we have come across a lot of problems that relate to roofs, some of these problems have been simple to repair whereas some of these problems have been more complex such as complete re roofs, no matter what your roofing problem in St Helens and Prescott we have dealt with everything.

Your roof is the most important part of your property and can prove to be one of the most costly to repair if you happen to have a problem with your roof. If you take a look around Prescott and St Helens and see a perfectly tiled roof then don't worry because thanks to us at DR Roofing you can have the same for your roof.

There will always be some point when your roof needs some kind of attention, this can be due to weather damage, wind and rain can take its toll on a roof as well as age and you will start to see a reduction in the efficiency of your roof and you may start to experience leaks in your home in St Helens and Prescott and this is when you know that it is time to give us at DR Roofing a call, your local roofing experts.

Here at DR Roofing we will perform a roof survey for free that will be carried out by one of our highly experienced and professional roofers in St Helens and Prescott which will then allow us to pin point any problems you may have with your roof as well as being able to alert you to the possible problems that may occur in the future. By getting a quote early you can make sure that your roof incurs less damage that would be caused if you hadn't had your roof checked out. Having a roof repair is a lot less costly than having to have a full new roof because there is far too much damage, make sure you get your roof checked out today by us here at DR Roofing to ensure that your roof isn't going to end up costing you a fortune in St Helens and Prescott.

A common problem that occurs in roofs and that will require repair is damages to chimney stacks, in most cases we would advise that you should cap off the stack which will then reduce the chance of any future problems that could occur such as slipped tiles or structural damage that happens with old age. The highly experienced team of roofers we have here at DR Roofing are able to provide you with an open and honest answer to all of your roof repair problems in St Helens and Prescott.

There may come a time in any home or commercial property's life time in St Helens or Prescott that it is going to need a complete new roof install. If it gets to this point we strongly suggest that before making any decision that you get one of our highly experienced team to come to your property in St Helens or Prescott and make a complete assessment of the work required on your roof.

All of the new roofs that we install are completed by highly trained and of course experienced roofers from within the St Helens and Prescott areas. We will begin the process by removing the tiles from your property which allows us to closely inspect and assess the structural damage that has been done to the joists and internal framework. If the joists remain completely intact we will the begin to replace the felt and tiles throughout your property in Prescott or St Helens whilst of course taking the utmost care and precision when carrying out the work. We can also provide you with a range of insulation options to improve the efficiency of your property which you will be thankful for whilst you are going through this sometimes costly home improvement in St Helens and Prescott.

With plenty of options when it comes to tile, slate and felt it means that the end result is completely up to you, here at DR Roofing we also pride ourselves when it comes to our customer after care and as with every job we carry out here in Prescott and St Helens or anywhere in the county we will happily guarantee our work for a minimum of ten years.

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